Philip van Veelen

Industrial Design Portfolio

Professional Identity

I am a designer passionate about enhancing well-being in work and study environments. Driven by scepticism towards over-reliance on technology, I advocate for simplicity and reduced design complexity, aiming for long-lasting, easy-to-understand, and aesthetically pleasing products. My expertise lies in physical product design, where I excel at ideation, 3D modelling, and prototyping.

With a product design background in applied science, I discovered a fascination with automotive design during my furniture design internship. My experience leading the design team at TU/Ecomotive presented me the importance of aesthetics in driving product desirability. During my second TU/e automotive internship, I shifted my focus towards well-being in workspaces. I incorporated my production knowledge to create stand-alone integral products that contribute to a healthier, more engaging work environment. CAIRN demonstrate my commitment to interactive materiality and temporal form combined with product design.


I find inspiration in the beauty of older products, automotive designs, and furniture pieces. I believe simplicity, lasting appeal and reliability are the best achievable results in design. I question if technological solutions like recycling or bio-materials are the sole answer to sustainability. Instead, I believe in preserving and caring for products, emphasising aesthetics, practical use, and innovation.

I believe designers should play a critical role in shaping the products and experiences we encounter daily. We must challenge the fast-fashion mentality and focus on creating products that enhance our well-being and have long lifetimes. My design philosophy emphasises ergonomic considerations, durability, and a sense of beauty that resonates with users.

My strengths are sketching, my drive for perfection, and my appreciation for beauty. I am also well-versed in materials, production processes, and ergonomics. However, I acknowledge that decision-making can be challenging, and I sometimes struggle to move beyond the ideation stage. Additionally, my perfectionism can sometimes lead to delays in 3D modelling, and I can sometimes feel overwhelmed by complex problems.


Future development

I want to become a well-established designer in the Netherlands, collaborating with companies and inventing products that promote well-being. I want to take risks and develop inspired and helpful products that make a real difference in improving people's work conditions. Teaching design sketching is a goal that allows me to share my passion for the subject and show that natural born talent, expensive tools or perfectionism are required to sketch. I need to develop my connections, prototyping skills, time management, and design confidence to achieve my aspirations of becoming an independent designer through experience in a design studio.

I envision a future where products use pragmatic aesthetics to create beautiful interactions contributing to work-related well-being. These products will work with users to improve their lives, avoiding invading privacy by capturing personal information as many consumer products do. I am excited to create beautiful products in form, interaction, engineering and ethics through simplicity.

I also envision a future where more designers, like musicians or architects, should be recognised for their unique contributions to society. Only when designers become household names can they be free to choose projects that align with their values. This future also requires designers to decide what ethics they uphold. My long-term goal is to become a freelance designer with a part-time role in education. This dual approach would allow me to create a more flexible and collaborative design environment, helping develop creativity in students and shaping the future of design. The exchange of knowledge between designers, educators, and industry is essential to ensure designers have the autonomy to impact society positively instead of relying on big names to make a living and a name for themselves.